Friday, October 19, 2007

paddington house of pancakes...

This post is rather overdue. Went to Paddington House of Pancakes @ 1 Utama for lunch almost a month back with Sunshine. This outlet is located in the rainforest park thingy in the new wing of 1U. Its just a small place (compared to most places in 1U) but have to admit at a very nice spot. Overlooking the park with the sun coming in. Very cosy effect and great for enjoying pancakes or crepes.

The menu has a rather dizzying extensive selection. There is just too many varieties to choose from and all of em' look so freaking yummy. Had a hard time deciding what to eat even though both of us were famished. Finally decided as reviewed below.

For drinks Sunshine had Capuccino while I had their Iced Mocha. Both were priced slightly high (around RM6 to RM12) but tasted good. Nice rich flavour. Guess considering what Starbuck charges this can be considered reasonable.

Saw this and had to take a picture. Been awhile since I saw Heinz ketchup or mustard packs. Sadly didn't have the need to use em'. Maybe on our next visit. ;)

Sunshine decided to have the American Blueberry Pancake which came with scrambled eggs (w/ mushroom) and a strip of beef bacon. On the side was a dollop of cream cheese which by the way kept Sunshine beeming! The pancake wasn't really sweet as they were rather shy with the blueberries but the cream cheese helped. The scrambled eggs was really yummy as they cooked it just about right. Slightly runny with decent amount of mushrooms. The beef bacon was normal so no comments there.

I decided to have something uncommon and after deliberating with Sunshine ended up with the Amsterdam Pannekoek. This consists of a crepe like pancake topped with sliced beef salami, fresh herbs, tomatoes and lots of mozzarella cheese. When it came it looked just like a thin crust pizza. It was simply delicious! Very heavy though due to the overdose of cheese but mind you am not complaining. It helped that they weren't stingy with the ingredients.

Walked away a happy camper. Am definately heading back to try more of their sinful goodness. The service was quick and attentive. Love the ambiance of the 1U outlet. Very warm and inviting. Haven't tried other branches but I think I'll just stick to this one. :D


Mas said...

Been contemplating to try the outlet in QueensBay Penang... Looks yummy.. good thing I came accross your blog!!!

maria said...

hmm, sometimes special "Amsterdam Pannekoek", next time should give it a try..must be very expensive?

sbd18 said...

mas: go ahead and give it a try...its definately worth it!

maria: hmm can't remember exact amount but its about RM18...not bad price i feel...

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

The Treasure Box from Paddington is a MUST try!

A dessert, coin sized pancakes served with fruits and ice cream!