Friday, October 12, 2007

kl tower...

As mentioned yesterday, took my aunt and uncle to KL Tower earlier today. First took them for a banana leaf lunch at Sri Nirwana Maju in Bangsar, KL. Sadly I wasn't in the mood to eat but from their comments it was scrumptious. Gotta make it a point to go there again soon. ;)

KL Tower is located not very far from Shangri-La Hotel or Beach Club Cafe. It is off Jalan P. Ramlee and smack in the middle of Bukit Nenas. I think I was last there in 1997 for my cousin's wedding dinner which was in the revolving restaurant located above the observation deck. Can't really remember much of it except that the view was obscured as it was raining heavily.

Today thankfully the weather was obliging. Although as you can see in the pics later, rain was building up. We got our tickets and headed up to the observation deck. Not really sure how high it was but the tower itself is 421 metres. Pretty impressive I must say. Its the 4th tallest telecomunication tower in the world.

I won't dwell in the history/statistics bit as you can read it online. I have to admit its a pretty impressive structure. Beautiful views of KL and its surrounding areas. Unfortunately the Telekom Tower is too far off so we couldn't admire it closely as I like the design of the building quite a bit. The best view I have to admit is of Petronas Twin Towers. Another beautiful architecture which was once the tallest building in the world.

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Most are taken from the observation deck. There are 12 viewing post with details of what you are seeing posted above the glass. You actually have a personal AV tour as you go round the deck. Enjoy. I'm off to bed. Gd'nite!

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maria said...

I havent been to KL Tower yet ler. then photos you took are nice