Friday, November 23, 2007

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Every Malaysian is familiar with Ramly Burger. When you have a craving at night, who do you go to other than your nearest Ramly stall (usually located in front of a 7/11). My all time favourite Ramly stall is none other than the one located at SS2, opposite the police station. Sadly they only open at night.

Now where do I go if I have a craving in the day? Well its none other than Jackson's Burger at Section 14, PJ (#148, Jalan 14/29 to be exact). This stall is run by a Chinese couple who have been a PJian's secret for years. If I am not mistaken since 1972 or so. Way before I was born and still going strong. Their customers are mostly regulars who have been going there since they were young and are now bringing their kids!

I still remember my dad taking my bro and I here every Sunday to get our burger fix. They actually used to rent the house where they are located and sell from a stall by the gate, but have since moved out. They now run the business from a van at the same spot (between 2 houses) under a tall bushy tree. Provides great cover from the hot sun. ;)

Previously Uncle would do the cooking and Aunty would pack but they have since switched roles as I think Uncle can't remember the orders as well. Every now and then you'll see Uncle and Aunty bickering over the orders. Hehe. Doesn't really matter as the style and taste hasn't changed.

My favourites are their Beef Burger (RM2.70) and Hot Dog (RM1.90) especially with lotsa mustard! They also have Fish Burger (RM2.80) which is really good. Its not minced/ground fish but actual chunks. Much better than what you get at Burger King, McD or KFC. Their burgers are all served between 2 toasted buns with freshly cut onions & cucumber and topped with your choice of chili, tomato or mustard sauce. Simple I know yet so freaking good! Do note that their patties are not from Ramly. Not really sure sourced from where though.

Their process is simple. Park your car, order and wait for your food. You can either eat there or tah pao (take-away). They provide plastic chairs and also sell can drinks to wash down your burger. I usually pack but occasional on a sunny breezy day would sit there and enjoy my burger watching the cars zoom by.

Jackson's Burger is open daily from 11am to around 5pm. Being in the business for ages they do close every now and then when its raining (or threatening to) or if they were feeling under the weather. If you ever have a day time craving for burger, do give them a try as you won't regret it. :D

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