Monday, November 12, 2007

bavarian bierhaus...

Been meaning to post this all last week but had too many distractions. The previous Saturday I headed out to bum with my buddy David. We were deliberating where to have lunch when I recalled a yummy review of Bavarian Bierhaus @ the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Its located few steps away from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and behind TGIF.

Bavarian Bierhaus is located at the quieter part of the Curve. They have a nice open and relaxed layout. Ideal for group gatherings or family meals. Or even just to have some cool drinks on a warm muggy day.

To be honest one of the main draws to this place was to have some cold German beer. This particular restaurant was carrying brews by Paulaner from Munich, Germany. We went through the list and decided on the Hefe-Weissbier NaturtrĂ¼b which is their top seller and brewed from wheat instead of malt. This gives it a lighter and less bitter taste plus very much healthier! A nice cold 500ml glass (RM28) came within minutes of ordering. It was really refreshing and had a nice fruity and tangy taste to it. Oooh what I wouldn't do for one right now. :D

When we sat down we knew we were gonna have some pork. David immediately settled on the Pork Belly (RM38). It came looking really yummy. I had a lil' taste and it was nice and tender. I wouldn't really go for it due to the overdose of fat but David was enjoying it immensely. He did say however that he wouldn't pay so much.

I had my tummy set on some sausages. Didn't really know what variety to try so decided on the Chorizo (RM32) which was served on top of some polenta and creamed spinach. An added bonus were some slices of grilled bacon on top which was so heavenly! The sausages were really thick and flavourful. *Droools* The polenta was so so but really loved the creamed spinach which was rich.

Overall I would give this place 2 thumbs up! Lovely beer and yummy porky goodness. The price however might be a turn down but I would definately give this place another go. If not for the pork at least for some nice cool German beer. :D


maria said...

the food is very expensive ..RM32 for a Chorizo, my god!You are damn rich o..

She's Jess said...

Looks yummy... I am hungry.. :p

kennhyn said...

dude I have to correct you, malt is a process, most beer are made of barley, all cereal like wheat, barley goes to the process called malt to get the sugar, that produce beer in the fermentation. Glad you enjoy Paulaner! Check our blog to know more about beer!