Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Ever felt like wolfing down generous portions of meat? How about 12 choices of meat and all you can eat for a single fee? If you answered yes for all then I think I have just the place for you. Its Carnaval Churrascaria located at Damansara Jaya, PJ (near Atria Shopping Center & next to Maybank).

They are only open at night daily from 6pm to 10.30pm but the owner did mention that they are hoping to tap the lunch crowd soon. David, $1, Razman and I was there on Sunday ready to fill our tummies. When you sit down they present you with 2 bowls of sauce (mint & salsa) and order ya drinks. Then before the meat comes you head over to the buffet bar.

Above is a few yummies from the buffet bar. They have a huge selection (18 odd) of hot and cold goodies. Stuff that I can recall are fried brinjals (my fav!), beef stew, potato salad (another fav), lady fingers w/ sambal belacan, pasta, coleslaw, mango kerabu, salads, mash potato and noodles. All of em' were fresh and tasty but do remember to go slow as you don't want to miss out on the meats!

Once you are done with your first round at the buffet bar, the passadors (waiters) will come by periodically with the goodies on skewers. Just tell em' how much you want and they'll slice away. There will always be 12 varieties of barbequed meats. Below is what we were offered that night. Sadly no lamb chops, which were my favourite the first time I ate here. :(
  1. Honey Chicken Ham
  2. Smoked Chicken Cuts
  3. Chicken Sausage
  4. Garlic Sour Cream Bread
  5. Roasted Pineapple
  6. Grilled Fish Fillets
  7. Chicken Gizzard & Heart
  8. Grilled Prawns
  9. Lamb Shoulder
  10. Lamb Cutlets w/ Mint
  11. Beef Topside
  12. Roast Beef
  13. Beef Tri Tip
  14. Garlic Beef
All of them were cooked fresh and simply orgasmic! The beef varieties were served from medium rare to well done. So no one is left out. You should give all the types a once over and then focus on ya favs. At least then you get the full experience. ;)

My favourites (in no particular order) were the chicken ham (especially eaten w/ the warm roasted pineapple), the lamb cutlets (tender & juicy), grilled fish (marinated w/ coconut curry), beep topside (medium well) and the garlic sour cream bread (sinfully delicious!).

The meal cost RM48 for the whole deal and RM30 just for the buffet bar. Drinks are rather pricy (RM5 onwards) but plain water is RM1 (refillable). They do have interesting promotions as well (listed below).
  • Monday – Party night, 5 adults & the 6th gets the meal free
  • Tuesday – Bring Your Own (BYO) Nite, no corkage fee
  • Wednesday – Ladies Night, 15% off for ladies only
  • Sunday – Family Day, 15% off for everyone!
Those who love meat should really give Carnaval Churrascaria a try. Think its worth every penny. Be ready to really chow down though! :D


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Interesting. Can try next time.

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Thanks, very informative and comprehensive.