Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hollys coffee at cineleisure damansara...

I wasn't in a good mood on Saturday so I decided to get out of the house. Called my buddy David to while away the time and thankfully he was game. We decided to meet up at the Curve for lunch and loiter about.

After lunch at Bavarian Bierhaus (post coming soon), we decided to find a cafe to sit back and relax. We were rather bored of Starbucks and Coffee Bean so we decided to try Hollys Coffee located at the ground floor of Cineleisure Damansara. By the way Hollys Coffee is a chain from Korea which I found really interesting. ;)

Their location is really ideal for chilling out. Nice outdoor seating facing the houses of Mutiara Damansara away from the main crowd and cars. They have free Wifi access and also 2 laptops connected online for customers to use. Something Starbucks, Dome or Coffee Bean doesn't offer.

Their menu is similar to any other coffee joints around town with some slight twists like the raspberry mocha, sweet potato latte and Korean iyote smoothies. They also offer sandwiches, cakes and a few Korean dishes. When we were there they had 2 korean guys manning the counter who struggled slightly to converse in English.

I decided on trying their Rhumba Hollycino (largest @ RM11.50) which was an ice blended mocha and chocolate bar. Rich and tasty with nice chocolatey bits in it. Topped of course with a nice dollop of yummy whipped cream.

David had the Mocha Hollycino (largest @ RM11.50) instead which was just as rich but without the yummy chocolatey bits.

Have to admit that Hollys Coffee is a better joint than Dome, Starbucks or Coffee Bean, which can get so crowded and annoying. On top of the relaxing ambiance and good quality, their items are also priced lower which is always a good thing! :D


She's Jess said...

You're tempting the coffee-o-lic me

aris raptorclans said...

found ur blog by accident while finding info on hollys.

i agree it's quite interesting that it's from korea. i had the blueberry iyote and it was awesome~ :D