Monday, November 19, 2007 donuts & coffee, the pavilion, kl...

Finally I got my hands on some J.Co donuts this afternoon. Headed over to The Pavilion, KL to visit the IWC boutique and decided to try my luck. Surprisingly the queue was shorter so I decided what the heck. Took me around 15 minutes before I could get my order in.

Price wise they seem slightly more than Big Apple's. RM2.30 per donut (except RM2 for Glazzy), RM11.10 for half a dozen and RM19.10 for 1 dozen. They have an offer for 2 dozen but I can't seem to recall the price. Think you save around 30% or so.

J.Co has 2 types of donuts. The one we are used to (thanks to Big Apple) and a slightly chewier variety called JCrown. Prefered it less chewy so decided to stick with the regular ones. Got myself a dozen sinful donuts. Half of which is actually for my brother. ;)

Sadly today they didn't have much to offer. Think they only had 50% of their menu on sale. Got myself 2 each of Oreology, Heaven Berry, Alcapone and Coco Loco and 1 each of Mango, Copa Banana, Why Nut? and Tira Miss U.

Haven't tried all of it yet but I have to say their similar with Big Apple's donuts. Texture is slightly softer and not as sweet but honestly not worth driving all the way to KL and lining up to get some. Not to mention the slightly steeper price. Think for me it'll be a one off thing. Unless of course someone gets me some. Can't say no to that right?! :D


Jasonmumbles said...

Wait my next J.Co post... Haha!

I only know that you are Hiew88's boss. LOL. I even know where you work now. Maybe we can meet up next time.

I am always at that area picking up my friend for dinner. She's working opposite your office, Blu Inc only.

sbd18 said...

Wah small world ha. Ya I knew you were gonna meet up with Hiew88. If ever down we can meet up if free. :)

teckiee said...

ohh i havent try the Heaven Berry yet. must go soon already.