Sunday, November 18, 2007

teo chew bah kut teh at ss2, pj...

On Thursday I was craving for some Bah Kut Teh (BKT). Sadly we only get 1 hour for dinner so going to PJ Old Town for Ming Kee's was out. Hiew and I decided to go to SS2 and hunt for it as we recalled passing a place selling BKT. Finally after driving almost full circle we found it, Restoran Teo Chew Bah Kut Teh. Its located further down from Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun.

The shop is open, clean and comfortable with nice wooden tables and chairs. Moments after sitting down we were given the menu. Think they were about to close as well as it was around 9.30pm. Their menu consists of BKT to porridge to noodles. For the BKT itself you have a choice of what goes in like spare parts (liver, intestine, etc), ribs, fatty or lean meat, varieties of mushrooms and fu chok (bean curd skin).

We settled on Lettuce with Oyster Sauce, Garlic/Onion Rice, Vinegar Pork and BKT w/ fatty meat, black mushroom and fu chok. Think the bill came to around RM30 odd. Sorry didn't note it down. Sadly didn't fancy the BKT much. The soup was okay but tasted rather weak. The vinegar pork was another let down. First time for me but according to Hiew it wasn't done right. The rice and veggy however were really yummy. Veggy was cooked just about right and not overdosed with oyster sauce.

Sadly didn't really satisfy my BKT craving but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Next time I'll just head over to Ming Kee if I want BKT. :D


keili said...

hey.. yea, i went there a couple of months ago.. and their BKT wasnt really up to standard.. anyway, i came across ur blog at PPS, nice food reviews! enjoy reading em. =)

sbd18 said...

hey keili...thanks for the comments! nice to hear from readers...puts a smile on my face...not really sure how many readers i even! :D