Thursday, November 15, 2007

cornetto mcflurry...

Besides my craving to try KFC's Half Half Meltz, I was also itching for Mickey D's new dessert offering, the Cornetto McFlurry. Have always loved Cornetto so I knew this combo can't go wrong and boy was I right!

Got my hands on some 'oh so creamy' Strawberry Cornetto McFlurry (RM4.73).

Look at the yummy contents (below). Its Mickey D's vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberry sauce, crushed Cornetto cones and chocolate chips. How can this ever go wrong?!

Very creamy and rich in flavour. Good to the last spoonful. The sweet crunchy cone bits and sinful chocolate chips work really well together. McDs should really make this a regular item. Their best dessert offering to date.

If you haven't tried it yet, better head down to your nearest McD today. Remember they never close. :D


ZeroH said...

Nice... KL's been charging RM3.99 for normal McFlurry and RM4.50 for the cornetto ones. Wondered where's the wonderful RM3.73 offer from. =D

sbd18 said...

Hehe my bad. Can't recall ler. Edited di. :(

Anonymous said...

Yup, its so yummy.
I always just tried the cornetto sundae strawberry.
Never try the cornetto mcflurry before.
Have you tried the chocolate ones?
Which is better?

sbd18 said...

definately chocolate...don't fancy strawberry much...always go with the choco version...*drool*

tiny0006 said...

i would so laugh if it was poo