Tuesday, February 14, 2006

10,000 baby...

Woo Hoo my baby has finally clocked 10,000 kilometres and on Valentines Day as well. In good time too. Its been about 7 months and a couple of weeks since I got my car. My previous baby Betty, only manage to clock 10,000 kms after close to a year. Looks like I'm doing a lot more travelling this time around. Good too because I want to get my baby run in fast. Soon I gotta arrange my last service with stupid Perodua Service Centre. After that its all DIY baby. No point paying those fools to do something that will cost me almost 50% cheaper. As well as the peace of mind that it was done properly. I actually drove around for 1km to get that as when I neared my home today after work it was at 9999. LOL.

Alright time for my beauty sleep. Gd'nite folks!

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