Sunday, February 26, 2006

review: brokeback mountain...

I just got back from my Singapore trip and before I left I managed to catch Brokeback Mountain. I doubt it will ever be released in Malaysia legally due to 2 major reasons. Firstly its a gay love story which is a big no no in Malaysia. The 2nd reason is our great censors would have so much to chop up that we will only end up with 30 minutes or so and which cinema is going to show that?! Anyways if ever it did make it to Malaysia, I think the title's translation in BM would be either 'Gunung Belakang Sudah Pecah' or 'Gunung Belakang Pokai'. Hehe.

Now back to the review. After watching this movie, I felt rather disturbed. Actually I felt it right around 20 minutes into the show. Now don't get me wrong as I'm not a homophobe but somehow I just couldn't accept the idea. I know its common nowadays and there are more and more open gays out there, but I guess seeing it all the action in the open is too freaky for me. I do have to admit that as a movie, Brokeback Mountain is a gem. From the acting right down to the directing. I hope Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams and Ang Lee win their upcoming Oscar nominations. For Heath and Jake to potray something so difficult and to pull it off so effortlessly is a great achievement. Storywise its not as great as the hype but considering its the first (correct me if I'm wrong) blockbuster gay movie out there, its bound to be sensational. Its surprising that of all directors around, Ang Lee would be the one to pull this off. My hats off to him.

The storyline is about the troubles, confusion and heartache a gay couple faces during the 60s. From hiding the truth from the rest of their world to secretly meeting up just to be together. The story follows their life for 20 years whereby they get married, they get children, one of their spouse catches them smooching, their multiple secret rendezvous on a mountain in Wyoming (although movie shot in Canada) and towards the end where one of them gets beaten to death. Apart from the freaky love affair they share its sad to see the shit they go through especially how it all ends.

I would advise for serious movie buffs to catch this movie. Some of you might not be able to stomach it but its something worth experiencing. To those that have seen it, please hit me back with your comments. I'm interested to see how you perceive this movie. Cheers.


The Great Swifty said...

Well, I reviewed it too. And yes, I can understand being uncomfortable while watching it. Haha.

excaliber said...

ur gay side is coming out eh? dun b shy about it. if 1 day ur fully homophobic, i'll still accept you as my friend