Saturday, February 18, 2006

ahh vacation...

Ahhh after a long while I get to go on a nice break. Not that long but at least a week and a half. Got about 2 weeks more. Guess where to? Well finally I'm going on a cruise. Its a 5 night trip on Superstar Gemini along the Straits of Malacca. Cruise starts off at Port Klang to Langkawi, followed by Krabi and 2 nights in Phuket Island before heading back to Port Klang with a stopover at Penang. Should be an interesting trip. Hopefully I'll be able to absorb enuff of Thailand as I doubt I'll head there again anytime soon. I'm really dying to catch a Tiger Show but I heard they are now illegal. Sigh. And when I say Tiger Show I mean those shows where Thai women do all sorts of weird stuff with their genitalia. I know its gross but somehow I'm still curious especially hearing all sorts of stories about their 'skills' from various people. You don't see someone opening a bottle of coke with their vagina everyday now do you?!

One thing I know I can't miss are the cabaret shows done by Thai Ladyboys. Heard its pretty popular and well advertised by the tourism board. No harm in checking it out I guess as long as I don't get picked up by any weirdos. LOL. I know I know, who the hell would want to pick me up. But you never know right. Also I gotta make sure I try dem tasty fried insects. An old mate of mind had some and he said it ain't all that bad. A bit like eating cracklings or chips. Only drawback would be the shells getting stuck in between ya teeth. Maybe I'll bring my floss with me this time. LOL.

Damn I'm so excited about this. Feeling all jumpy and shit. La Di Da Di Da. Alrighty, better stop gleaming and get back on track. Still got 2 more weeks to slog through before I'm off. You guys take care and have a good weekend!

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