Wednesday, February 22, 2006

good ole seminars...

Whoopie its been awhile but I finally got sent to another seminar. A nice 2 day break away from work without any emails to reply, calls to make or colleagues to contend with. Plus this time around its on a topic I am really interested in. Something in line with my work. Its on 'Essential Skills and Knowledge for Effective Call Center Management' and is conducted by someone who I must say is very knowledgable, experienced and passionate about the material. So I was all ears and am enjoying it immensely. Plus the food isn't all that bad either. Hehe.

In my experience a seminar's quality is closely related to the speaker. The material could be perfect but if it was not presented well it would come out to be total rubbish. Not to mention how agonisingly slow the hours would go by. I still do have to admit that no matter how good the material, it is tough trying to stay awake and keep track. Besides the constant bombardment of information, I have to also contend with the weird hours. I'm usually going to sleep only at 4am and wake up around noon but this time I have to be at the seminar by 9am. So you can imagine the battle my body is having trying to cope with the sudden flip.

Tommorrow I'll have another days worth before I head back to work on Thursday. Good thing is I'm off on Friday and will be heading down to Singapore to visit a dear friend of mine, Poopie. Can't wait. Think the last time I saw her was about a year plus. Back when I still had Betty. Hopefully the weather will be nice and sunny over the weekend and not like how it has been here. The heat and rain is really frustrating. Makes it very much harder to sleep as well. Keep waking up all sweaty.

Alrighty then, think I better hit the sack. Gotta wake up at 7am tommorrow to be on time for the training. *Yaaawn* Gd' night folks and have a great weekend!

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