Sunday, February 19, 2006

sad sad day...

Sigh. What a sad night it is. Liverpool managed to tuck the only goal in and won the match. To make things worse Peter Crouch was the scorer. He is the tallest (i think) dude in English Premier League and sucks as being a striker. Arrggghh. The Red Devils were really playing bad. The defending was atrocious and the midfield had no flare. Nothing was being pumped up to give a striking chance. God only knows why Fletcher was kept on the field. He should have been out from the start of the 2nd half. Saha came in and made some difference but there wasn't anything being pumped up for him to even try.

To top of the misery, Alan Smith suffered a very agonizing injury. He fell onto his own leg which broke his leg and dislocated his ankle just before the end of the game. Ouch. Even I felt it just watching it happen. He was carried off on a stretcher and needed oxygen. News is he will be back but will be out for 8 months plus. Its a pity as he was vying for the World Cup call and he really deserves it. Hope he recovers well.

Sigh. Think I'm just gonna hit the sack. Got a friendly match of futsal tommorrow and hopefully we will be able to win that. You guys have a good night. Poopshoot out.

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