Saturday, February 04, 2006

friendly match...

Its been awhile but we managed to organise a friendly match of futsal with my colleague's friends. We thought why not give it a go, see how our team is progressing. Sadly we lost by 8 to 6. We should have won but we gave them our best keeper for both halfs since they were short by 1 player. Sigh. It sucks to lose. No worries a rematch is coming up soon and this time we are gonna keep our keeper! Hehe. We might end up playing with them more often as well. Its good for us as we get more exposure and hopefully improve on our skills. Then maybe we can realise our dream of forming a proper team and joining some futsal tournaments.

The biggest problem we are having is making sure everyone shows up. During normal days when we play against ourselves its hard to muster up around 8 people. But whenever we mention there is a friendly game, the whole freaking jing bang shows up. Even people we don't invite! Sigh. Its sad how some of these people think. Now we gonna start collecting the futsal court rental fee before the day itself, so at least if those people who ffk (short for fong fei kei or fly aeroplane which means being stood up) will feel the pinch.

Alrighty I think I better head to the showers, got a yee sang dinner date tonight with some mates. C'ya.

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