Friday, February 17, 2006

rematch time...

Ahh the time has finally come. Manchester United and Liverpool are about to have their rematch tommorrow at 830pm. Not too long ago MU beat Liverpool 1 - 0 with a lovely unexpected goal by Rio Ferdinand. Liverpool as expected whined about how lucky the Red Devils were and yada yada yada. A win is a win no matter how it came. Wonder what the scoreline will be like this time around. Hopefully MU will be able to pull it off again and shut the Reds up for good. Since Cristiano Ronaldo is on fire and I am sure Gary Neville would love to shove his cleats up Liverpool's ass, things should be looking mighty fine for the Red Devils.

As with the previous game, a group of us are heading down to Souled Out to catch the game and have some drinks. Maybe we'll see the same Liverpool geeks that we saw previously and rub it in again when MU beats Liverpool. LOL. I'm expecting a cracker of a game since both sides need the FA Cup trophy badly. MU's year seem to be running dry like last year and the trophy case is getting bare without any new silverware. Poor Rooney deserves something as well. He has been playing his heart out almost every single game this season.

Well good luck MU and knock em dead!

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