Tuesday, February 28, 2006

up again?!

Sigh. The petrol price has gone up again. This time at a rate of 18.5% or 30 cents. Now its gonna cost a RM1.92 per liter which would mean about RM10 to RM15 extra per full tank for me. I knew it would go up to RM2 but did not expect it to happen so soon and that big a jump as well. Thought they would do it gradually. Guess the idea is to shock the public one shot and let it die down instead of doing it periodically. This way the goverment avoids constant animosity. Problem is this hike is going to cause a chain reaction whereby everything else will go up in price. From food to clothing to services. Sigh. My RM1 roti bakar is gonna be RM1.20 and my good ole Nescafe Ais might reach RM1.80. Arrggh. I'll be paying Sri Hartamas prices in a Seksyen 8 or SS2 mamak. God only knows what the prices in Sri Hartmas or Bangsar would be like.

It was funny about some of the complaints I read about in the newspaper today. One dude complained about paying more for his V-Power. Why not use regular la?! You want higher grade you pay for it right. Not like us regular folks are not affected as well. At least he can drop down a grade, where do we go?! Most cars can't even take Ron92 and not many petrol stations even have it anymore. Sigh. Some of my colleagues and friends have talked about car pooling or cycling to work. Public transport is a no no for most as we work UK and US hours. Sadly all this grumbling and mumbling will die down in about a weeks time. Before you know it everything is back to normal. It has happened every other time the petrol price went up so whats the difference now. Thank god I have a 1.3 liter car with a petrol consumption of anywhere between 11km to 15k per liter. Phew. Pity my mates who have GTIs and higher CC cars. They will be counting every single km they take. LOL.

One thing I found funny yesterday was one of my colleagues thought that the higher gear you reach in your car, the more petrol you consume. So he wanted to actually just use the first 3 gears and skip the other 2. LOL. Can you believe that?! Ignorance sure is bliss! Told the fella that he needed to reach the highest gear as fast as possible to lower his fuel consumption. To top that alot of my other colleagues didn't even know you could skip gears. They thought you need to go up accordingly. LOL. Funny la some people. Still can't stop laughing from it. Clowns.


Malaysia Property said...

actually you souldn't skip the gear...because you use more petrol if you drive low speed with a high gear

sbd18 said...

i do agree on tht but this with the assumption that u are on a decent speed...=)

excaliber said...

i want more dough, u know what to do. right?