Sunday, February 19, 2006

it sux to lose!

Arrggghh. Just got back from the friendly I mentioned earlier and we LOST! Losing is one thing but this was pretty bad. Think the scoreline was 10 to 20 something. Sigh. This is sad, really sad. We really need to buck up or at least play more often. The guys that played against us do it weekly while we do it once in a blue moon. I know I know it ain't a reason to lose. Damn frustrating I tell ya. We gotta get out act together and reinvite them for another friendly. This can't happen. NOOOOOOO. We don't lose. LOL.

First the Red Devils go down and now us. I can't take it. Not 2 losses in a day. This is too much to handle. Dammit I need a drink!!

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