Saturday, February 04, 2006

yu sang dinner...

Finally I got my fix of yu sang (raw fish salad)! Woo hoo. Yummy stuff. Somehow I just love the medley of finely sliced vegetables, crackers, sesame seed and raw fish. Not forgetting the plum sauce dressing. If only it was something served all year round. I guess you can make it at home but I ain't much of a cook to begin with. Not to mention I'm too lazy. LOL.

A couple of mates and I got together for a Chinese New Year Yu Sang dinner. Firstly we were to eat at this popular place called New Paris in SS2. Very near my house but as expected it was PACKED! So much so there were people waiting outside of the restaurant and across the road. We decided to scrap that plan and head down to Section 17 which has a nice restaurant as well. Think its called Restoran Happy. It was packed as well but we managed to get a table immediately. We were eyeing some juicy roast duck hanging nearby but sadly told us all of em' have been booked by other customers, some of which aren't even there yet. Can you believe it? Gotta call in advance to book the damn thing. Oh well. As yu sang is a ready made item we got that soon after ordering. We took out time munching on it before the rest of our meal came. It was a good dinner. The surprising thing was the squid that we ordered. Like most people we were expecting sliced squid cooked in whatever way but it turned out to be these tiny baby octopus deep fried with birds eye chilli. Tasty stuff but creepy. Felt like we were eating fried insects. Plus I never knew these fellas were so small (between 4 to 8mm). Wish I had a camera with me to take some shots. Think words can't describe it.

After dinner we are now back at my crib for some drinks. Think later we are to get together with a few others but so far nothin concrete . Hope something comes up as I'm getting bored and sleepy. *Yaaawn*

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