Sunday, February 05, 2006

good ole' chivas...

After about an hour or so reaching home we managed to get something going. We couldn't allow the night to end just like that right. Manage to gather a few mates to chill at my places and enjoy a bottle of Chivas. Liquid gold I tell ya! About 10 of us gathered outside my crib at the 'Pondok' over some drinks and chatter. Jam arrived about 2 hours later (as usual, always late, tonnes of excuses as well) with his guitar and the jamming session started.

Dev, Vick, Jam and Roofus were taking turns singing and free styling. It was fun. A nice slow night with friends. We ended it around 4am with a drive to KL to have the best sup kambing around. Its located at the entrance of Kampung Baru. One day I might blog more about it, maybe take some pics as well. By the time I reached home it was already about 5am plus. Exhausted as ever due to the Futsal game and being up all day, I hit my bed like a sack of potatoes. Woke up only about 1pm to my dad banging at my door. Had promised them to do some grocery shopping.

Got to take my shower now, going to treat my parents to a meal at Souled Out for their 31st wedding anniversary. Can't believe it. They manage to be together for 31 freaking years even with all the shouting and arguing every other day. LOL. Guess thats what marriage is about huh. Hope they have another 20 odd years together. Toodles.

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