Friday, February 10, 2006


Ahh finally the weekend is here. Have been feeling really bored and fedup with work recently. Can't wait to go on a loooong break. Hopefully to somewhere overseas. Actually at this moment anywhere will do. For now I have the weekend to look forward to. Even if I don't do anything productive, bumming around is sweet enuff. Good thing is tommorrow I'm going for my ICE (in car entertainment) road trip with Jam. Gonna survey some shops around Klang Valley and see what they have to offer for my baby. Hopefully settle down on a proper setup and get it done by this month. Its gonna put a dent in my pocket but I've been saving up. Haven't really spent much on my baby especially compared to Betty whereby within' 6 months I spent almost 1/3 the car's value on various things (suspension, wheels and ICE). This time around I'm going at it slowly. Lil' baby steps.

Alrighty I got to go play some ping pong with my office colleague. Beat him yesterday 5 games to 2 and hes itching for a rematch. Hopefully I'll be able to hold my position. Cya folks.

Update: I manage to beat him again 2 games to 1. LOL. Poor fellow.

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